The assignment will start as soon as possible for a period of 6 months with an option to extend.



The temporary assignment consists of 2 parts:

Together with the team leader and the architecture team, setting up and setting up the architecture team with governance, working methods, processes and documentation.

Together with the team leader, ensure a definitive interpretation of this role.

Being through guidance of the current potential candidate or recruitment and selection of a new candidate.


Role and Activities

The Enterprise architect is responsible for the development, monitoring and maintenance of the Enterprise architecture. He is involved in testing project start architectures against Enterprise architecture frameworks, and where appropriate contributes to the drafting of project start architectures. The role also includes monitoring the consistency between the various architectures, and drawing up principles, guidelines, standards and models for organizational design, processes and information systems. The domain of this function is the entire architecture within the organization

  • The Enterprise Architect describes and gives direction and interpretation to the various architecture products to realize the business objectives of the customer, such as:
  • At Administrative/Management level: Information Policy, Enterprise Architecture, Domain Architectures.
  • At Business Unit level: Information plans, Domain architectures.
  • At Project level: Project Start Architectures, Architecture Certificates, Exercising relevant roles within a project.

In addition, he ensures the design and operation of a well-functioning architectural process:

Controls the result of the architecture process, reports on the results and provides substantiation in the form of relevant documentation.

Ensures the establishment of a well-functioning architecture process.

Monitors coherence and IT translation of the architectures.

Evaluates the IT architecture and process

Regularly consults with other involved architects of the suppliers and other stakeholders.

He is also responsible for designing and advising on architectures:

Translates the business strategy into an Enterprise architecture and IT architecture.

Reports on developments and translates them into proposals and advice.

Advises management on architectures.



  • Send an assignment-oriented motivation in which you clearly refer to your specific experience with the required expertise including CV via the “Apply now” button on this page.
  • Give an indication of the desired salary and/or hourly rate.
  • Clearly indicate availability and any holidays.